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January 28, 2010

One of the unfortunate bobbles in marketing personal development concepts and creating positive consciousness on the planet is that many of the stewards of such causes believe the efforts should be free or donated. This, in my opinion, creates a mediocre landscape and devalues the credibility of the efforts. What are your thoughts? Should we tout messages of “good” for free?

The Rellihan Satterlee Biography

January 8, 2010

Rellihan Satterlee is a media liaison company representing clients through a strong introductory voice to the media by acting as an agent or publicist for compelling concepts and the people that create them. Every story needs repeating. How often is yours being touted? Every idea needs just the right timing. When is the optimal moment for yours? Every presentation needs to be placed in the best hands. Where are yours landing? Your story must have relevance. Why does the media care about your message? There are a million voices trying to be heard within the press. What approach will you use to get through all that chatter? And whom do you trust to be the professional representative for your personal narrative? Rellihan Satterlee conveys your story within a provocative voice to a full spectrum of media.

Rellihan Satterlee provides services that reach beyond and outside of the customary forms of representation. Today, specific media outlets are seeking story opportunities that not only entail unique angles, but also speak directly to their style and specific relevance within the overall press. Rellihan Satterlee takes great pride in the fact that we get to know the editors and journalists we pitch. We see our value straddling both sides of the fence – being a strong voice for our clients while providing viable information to the press. Our commitment is to serving both.

Rellihan Satterlee is led by a powerful and determined woman whose natural inclination is to be valuable and to succeed, all the while implementing creative ways to keep things fun and enlightening.

Jenée Arthur
Rellihan Satterlee